Once upon a time

It might not be a fairy tale but it does have a happy ending ….. Grab a cuppa and enjoy my story ….

2011 07 03 160504

In my previous life I worked fairly seriously at being a health care professional. Outside of work I loved to travel, eat, grow things and keep fit. When I met my Prince Charming at the not so youthful age of 37 life accelerated rapidly. Several moves of house in the “deciding where to live together” phase were followed by the purchase and whirl wind renovation of a new (90 year old) home. As a last hurrah before trying for children we took off to Nepal and India for a trek and general holiday. Waking up to a view of the sun rising over Everest and monks chanting remains one of my most treasured memories. Two weeks after getting back we moved into our new home and our first child was conceived. Sadly I didn’t glow whilst pregnant but rather lurched from episode to episode of “morning sickness” (such a quaint term!). Lots of time was spent just lying and contemplating life. Once our gorgeous boy arrived of course life was set on an irrevocably different course. Sleep deprivation, hormones and 2 o’clock in the morning moments of creativity gradually gave rise to the wish to make some even greater changes. I wanted a positive, creative work experience. Something that could bring joy and fun. I had found health care personally exhausting and didn’t want to return. A second child 2 years later reinforced this desire.

As a child I had fantasies of opening a cushion shop or being an interior designer. As an adult I collected textiles in my travels. As a mother I wanted bed linen for my children that was organic but not boring or commercial. Gradually the seed for what has become vintage + organic grew. Today vintage + organic aims to bring you beautiful home wares which combine the best of vintage textiles from around the world with luscious organics when something new is required. Silk kimonos remade into cushions and lampshades. French linen and lace made into bed linen. Psychedelic 70’s to sleep with. A treasure trove of textiles!

I hope you enjoy the stories.


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