Boys’ own adventure

Good morning Spicy Villa style

There are so many types of holidays but this was undoubtedly one of our best. Since the arrival of children our travel style has definitely morphed. More locked down schedule. Less changes of accommodation. Less shopping. And definitely a whole lot more playing around ….

Thailand was A LOT of playing around. Sleeping in bamboo huts in the mountains outside of Chiang Mai on an organic farm called Spicy Villas Eco-Lodge. Elephant rides. Bamboo rafting. Patting tigers. Riding on the back of motor bikes. An awesome insect museum …. from scorpions which my husband HELD to live tarantulas …. And the kid’s favourite bit? Digging at the farm. Read COVERED from head to toe in red mud!!! They absolutely loved it. Happiest I’ve seen them since they were digging up our garden in Oz.

We did also have a couple of nights in Bangkok at the eco-luxe Bangkok Tree House before we jetted back to Manila which was pretty good too. Unbelievably yummy food. Very comfy beds and a surreal setting …. walkways criss- crossing a half-submerged island that looked decidedly rural but lay across the river (and through thickets of palms) from a refinery!


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