Tiny green revolution

I’m pleased to report a little action rather than reflection on the organic front this week.

Firstly, the kids and I planted a whole pile of cherry tomato seeds which we saved from some particularly delicious ones we bought. A few days post planting they were popping up all over the place! Little green sprouts of cheerful, organic defiance. We’re hoping for a grand crop to share with others.


Secondly, I have ordered and am now awaiting the arrival of some new, organic cotton fabric samples. I am SUPER excited. I desperately want the samples to be wonderful because the producer most definitely is. They use traditional techniques such as lime for whitening and herbs for dying. They respond promptly to all my enquiries. Their pricing is good. And their philosophy fits with my own beautifully. Let’s just hope the product is beautiful too! Stayed tuned. Probably about 3 weeks before I will know as delivery is to Australia to be collected by my husband on his next trip back. Delivery to the Philippines unfortunately just doesn’t work. A lesson in patience.


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