The holy grail

2011 07 03 174331

As you all know I was more than a little excited anticipating the arrival of my latest organic cotton sheeting fabric. The search has been a frustrating one. High minimums. High costs. Poor quality. Poor communication. Dodgy eco credentials. And still the holy grail eludes me! On unwrapping my latest arrivals my immediate reaction was not a positive one. That’s important. If mine isn’t yours won’t be either. It was thinner than expected. Not nearly as smooth or substantial as I would have liked. It just didn’t say quality. My sheets will be beautiful, long lasting and eco friendly. So we’re not there yet!

However, two other possibilities have emerged.

Firstly, one of the samples which accompanied my order did feel far more like what I want. I have been focussed on percale and this was poplin (different weave for those not up on such things). A possibility.

Secondly, I changed my search to focus more on quality. It brought new information. Now I’m newly inspired and reading about the organic cotton offerings available from Peru. They did start their production about 6,000 years ago so I’m just a tad behind the times!! I know they’ll be more expensive but should also be more beautiful, much longer lasting, their crop isn’t genetically modified (a rare thing), and their reputation for quality is VERY high.

So perhaps if a search keeps hitting a brick wall yo need to look for something different. My research continues …. you are going to LOVE these sheets!!


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