Well designed and green please

If you’re reading about Hong Kong it means I’m having far too much fun in Japan and have taken the cheats way out! This is one I prepared earlier. You’ll need to wait a little longer to hear about Japan ….

IMG_6059And so to our brief sojourn in Hong Kong a little while ago …. Highlights would have to be the classic view of Hong Kong from Victoria Peak, the walk down through rainforest, riding the largest outdoor escalator (20 mins worth up hill), cable car ride down from the giant Buddha on Lantau Island, great coffee/ croissants etc at a cool cafe with a revolving “spider” chandelier made out of old desks lamps, lighting incense at Man Mo temple (dedicated to the Gods of War and Literature …. seemed appropriate for our book obsessed, destructo boys), and amazing aquariums at the fish markets that were “landscaped” like Japanese gardens complete with mountains and bonsai trees (the fish were really secondary), and the nightly display of changing coloured lights and lasers on buildings we could watch from our bedroom window. I could go on ….. it truly was a world city. I think we ate French (several times), Thai, Turkish, Indian, Italian and Chinese. Very exciting and we’re all keen to go back. So much we just didn’t get to.




Things I took away were:
1. Like Singapore, Tokyo etc a big city doesn’t have to be a concrete jungle. Parks, reserves, roof top gardens, stands of veggies and flowers, street plantings and pot plants jammed into every tiny nook and cranny abounded. Clearly they were valued.
2. Good design beats building bigger every single time.



Til next time ….


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