Slow travel …..


At the risk of sounding evangelical ….. You just MUST try  cycling as transport on your next holiday. It is AWESOME!! The slow food equivalent of travel. You don’t just whizz by the landscape – you’re in it. Part of it. We smelt the pine trees. Heard the birds. Felt the hills! And unlike walking covered a pretty decent distance.

IMG_1294 (2)


We’ve been to Japan before but 3 days on a bike on the Shiranui Coast left us feeling far more connected with our host country. The “authentic” travel experience every intrepid/romantic/idealistic traveller craves. Our accommodation on night one was also a highlight. A little family run ryokan. They spoke a little English. We spoke a little less Japanese but goodwill aided communication and we all brilliant time. Give it a go! 

IMG_1349 (2)

I must confess some of the hills pushed me a little but I only walked 3 stretches and flying down the other side, cruising through idyllic coastal towns in coves pirates dream of, gazing out to multiple islands and the glow of virtuous achievement each day made it all worthwhile. We also had quite a lot of light rain but to be honest I’d prefer that to roasting in the sun. Ours was a self guided tour through Japan Biking. Email me if you want further info.IMG_1315 (2)

Currently planning a follow-up bicycle assisted foray in Vietnam. Stay tuned ….



PS The kids loved it too!



3 thoughts on “Slow travel …..

  1. I definitely agree you get so much more of the feel of your destination while biking through it. Unlike in a car, there’s nothing dividing you from your surroundings, you’re so much more connected!

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