Shopping rules ….

When I go shopping I generally abide by some self-imposed rules. Mine go a bit like this: Well designed. Very useful or very WOW. Preferably old. With a good story. Nothing/ nobody suffered in its creation. Somehow makes me and the world better, bla bla bla ….You get the idea. A touch tricky at times I must say. In fact sometimes the result is shopping being abandoned as simply too hard to bother with.  Ever had that experience?


 Anyway, one of the things I’ve been waiting YEARS to purchase has been a Buddha. And guess what ??? I’ve found him! He is beautifully serene – but there was just one problem. His story is quite dull. No kooky market find in Thailand. No ancient, Japanese lineage. Quite simply another expat here in Manila was leaving and selling a whole tonne of stuff. That’s it. No excitement, intrigue, appeal to higher moral aspirations. Was just nice, well priced and second-hand. Didn’t quite fit my exotic-purchase-whilst-holidaying-on-a-tropical-island fantasy. So in the spirit of non-attachment I made the decision to let that one go. Very happy I did.

Do you have rules that tie you up in knots? Anything you could let go?


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