Typhoons, floods and ferries …..


This week the news from our little part of the world (Manila) is all about the floods. Just like this time last year Manila is under water. Fortunately for us personally it isn’t a big deal. The pool is overflowing but the house is at no risk at all. We’ve stocked up on cash, water etc and making sure all of our batteries are charged before the power goes off. Sadly for most locals though it is a much more dire situation. I understand overcrowding and waterways clogged with rubbish contribute to any significant rain resulting in floods as the water simply can’t get away. And the rain in this instance is significant. It’s an awful example of how the disadvantaged just get more disadvantaged. We see so many examples of it. The terrible ferry disaster last week is another. The typhoon up north.

It all makes our regular complaints about rubbish phone, internet, power and supply of (non essential) food items seem totally petty. Amazing how something essential to life can also be so devastating.

If there is a flood  appeal set up for the Philippines please consider contributing. We will be. These guys really do need any help they can get.


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