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Wishing you peace ….


…. and hope in turbulent times. First flower from this water lily in 7 years!


Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan

Like most people we’re struggling a little to comprehend the scale of it all. On one hand it is life as per normal for us (we had some wind and lost power for a while) but we are very aware of the destruction so close to here. We know people who have family in evacuation centres or are unaccounted for. We’ve been to some of these places or friends are just back from them. One of the few images to come out of Coron (one of the hardest hit places) was of the hotel we were booked into for Christmas – smashed. The airport there destroyed. It’s all a big step closer to home. The news coverage is just heart breaking

Please consider donating to the Red Cross to help the poor people of the Philippines.