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I’m back!!!

It’s been a long time between blog entries but I’m officially back and coming to you from the wonderful Brisbane in Australia. Our expat sojourn is over. We’ve staggered through airports (“Yes we ARE moving country”), adjusted our eyes to the quietness of Australia (“Where’s all the traffic?”), rediscovered our home, reacquainted ourselves with our family/ friends/ cat /neighbours, negotiated a new school/ activities/ business etc etc. It’s been HUGE but great. Living in Oz is VERY easy and I hope we can all hold onto that. I love that our 6 year old still thinks it’s cool you can drink water out of the tap! And I LOVE sleeping in our bed again!!!


More on the business ventures (both of them) soon …. plus a new adventure – New Zealand in the New Year. The first for quite a while. Til next time ….


Images of yukata ….

Yukata are essentially a kimono worn during summer or for casually hanging about when the weather is warm. They’re generally made of cotton and vary enormously in design as you’ll see below. In Japan they’re also experiencing something of a resurgence in popularity.  I saw many, many, more people wearing them than previously. Mainly young people. Both men and women. It was great to see!






I use vintage examples to add something unique to otherwise ordinary items like sheets and pillow cases.  Anything grab you?

When simple isn’t so ….

Many years ago I set out to buy my very first set of bed linen. A very grown up moment. I had visions of a calm, clean space and lots of white. Tranquility. Sadly the early 90’s preferred patterns. I had ASSUMED it would be simple. Silly me. A bit like the basic white T-shirt, classic red lipstick or luscious strawberry perhaps ….

Sourcing white, organic cotton, sheeting fabric is similarly proving trickier than I had anticipated. Admittedly my check list is a little longer now …. cotton grown in an appropriate climate, woven in a fair trade environment, available in “boutique” quantities, a supplier I can communicate with …. and of course all at a price that adds up! Several times I thought it was sorted but the search continues ….

Ever searched for something “simple” that turned out to be frustratingly elusive???