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Happy birthday …..



For a friend’s 40th birthday ….



Pine trees represent a strong character and steadfastness. They cling to rocks where others cannot survive.

Plum blossoms represent beauty and optimism. It flowers in the cold of winter, bringing hope in the face of adversity.

Cranes represent fidelity, longevity and good fortune. They are fabled to mate for 1000 years. A symbol of enduring love.

Red and white for happy and auspicious occasions!


Never work with children or animals

I love my children …. truly I do! But sometimes …..

The other day I just wanted to take some photos. They didn’t have to be professional. No grand agendas or meticulous set ups. Really just playing around to get an idea of what I could show people. Nevertheless …. did I mention playing around?


I know how critical good photos are when you’re purchasing online. For the record showing both the detail and the overall look of my sheet sets is quite tricky. Both are so important. One requires close-ups. The other some distance. This is one area that is going to require some work before it even gets close to what I want.


It’s amazing how much work is required that has nothing to do with actually putting together products. Sourcing. Photos. Accounting. Packaging. Press releases. Blogging. The upside is I can always move to something else if I’m stuck or uninspired! So many choices.